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Shé is a longtime swimmer and body-surfer, and finally acknowledged her inner surfista at age 54. 

She first captured national attention as the pink-sweatered-sweetie-turned-werewolf in Howling V: the Rebirth. Ten years later, she leaped back into the conversation with her essay, “Free Love Ain’t,” published in the Seal Press anthology, Wild Child: Girlhoods in the Counterculture (edited by Chelsea Cain, touted by Courtney Love on Oprah).

While living in the Pacific Northwest, Shé hosted The Literary Lounge (a radio program, as well as live events), and launched the Seattle Poetry Festival with Separate: a poetry flotilla. She was awarded residencies at Richard Hugo House in Seattle, Bear Lodge/Devils Tower in Wyoming, and Caldera in Oregon.

3 responses to “About”

  1. elizabethshe Avatar

    You’re welcome — thanks for reading!

  2. Cynthia S. Avatar

    You always warm me with your presence. Keep dancing lovely lady! I am glad you left angry man with his anger instead of taking it with you!! Cheers, Cynthia

    1. elizabethshe Avatar

      Thank you! and thanks for reading.

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