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Severing Ties

In Love on August 23, 2022 at 10:01 am

I recently accepted the sad decision to sever ties with a brother. I will no longer tolerate his atrocious behavior. He has lost the sister who sang him his first song ex-utero. He has lost the sister who helped raise him. He has lost the sister who loves him beyond measure.

It was not an easy decision, I did not take it lightly. I had to constantly remove Nostalgia’s rosy lenses to get a clear-eyed view of our relationship. When I was able to wrest the frames from my face, I saw decades of disrespect, and the heartache I endured believing it should not be so.

It was so. It is so.

Perhaps he will use his inheritance to go to rehab. There is no shame in addiction — it runs in the family — but it’s a shame to lose a sister.

He’s a funny, talented, handsome guy.


Shé and brother, 1969
Shé and brother, 1969
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