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  • Burn Baby Burn

    In preparation for leaving the island, I burned a box of my art. It had served its purpose: expression, joy, distraction. I am keeping the pieces I love, but where will I ship them? Where will they hang? Transitions. Man. Irritated by rampant tailgaters, I flipped one off a few days ago. Instead of backing […]

  • Essay #26: labor

    Labor: to work hard; to struggle to do something very difficult or very tiring; [of love] something demanding or difficult that is done just for pleasure rather than for money (Word 2011 Dictionary) I am posting this from my new (to me) computer. I have been dragged into the 21st century. Finally. Garth Brooks wrote […]

  • Essay #8: power or protection

    There is a Norway Spruce in the front yard – 40 or 50 feet tall, evergreen and gorgeous, it shields me from my neighbors’ view. When the setting sun hits it, the trunk turns golden orange. I look at this tree often: when I’m writing, eating, chopping vegetables. It has protected and shaded me for […]

  • Essay #6: the happiness code

    I’ve been editing a website for a non-profit. Uploading text has been simple enough, but suddenly I was unable to change photos. I followed directions, to the letter. The new photo appeared in the draft, but when I updated and uploaded the page — no photo. I tried again and again. Maybe I didn’t click […]