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Moving On

Just off the phone with a New Orleans real estate agent my friend Trish found (thanks, Delaney doll!). As soon as the rest of Mom’s belongings are removed and the place is cleaned, it’ll be on the market. Here’s your chance to own a charming fixer-upper in the Treme, only $300K.

Wept, of course. Her garden was amazing, they always were. This one had a fountain, climbing jasmine, white ginger, huge gardenias, palms, and whatever else caught her fancy. She claimed her green thumb developed over time. I remember wandering jews and spider plants and philodendrons in Los Angeles, and always gardenias. Her favorite.

Casting away my own belongings, too, in preparation for going off-island end of February. Baja? Australia? Greece? I’m open to suggestion. As usual, looking for a clean quiet place by the surfable sea.

Mom and I didn’t always get along (understatement), but I love her and she loves me. (Both she and my brother regularly remind me, “we’re not dead!”) I’m tempted to keep the house as a monument to her joie de vivre, but that would impinge on mine, I s’pose, plus, she wants me to sell. “Buy land! or a boat! Live, gorgeous girl!” Chatty as ever.

Change. It’s gonna come.

Shé in Mom's house 2019, photo by Mary PK Turn
Shé in Mom’s house, photo by Mary PK Turn 2019





4 responses to “Moving On”

  1. Tami Schoen Avatar
    Tami Schoen

    It’s so wonderful to read your beautiful words. I’m glad to see you doing so well. I’m excited to read about your new adventures. I vote for Australia. 👍

    1. Shé Avatar

      Thanks so much for reading! Why Australia?

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Hey there–always good to get wind in the sails–and this beautiful piece captures the feeling. Cast off and away and best of luck whichever continent you decide on!

    1. Shé Avatar

      Thanks, cousin!

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