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One cannot fly directly from Kaua’i to Baja California Sur, not on a commercial airline, anyway. Instead, I first traveled to the land of my birth, Phoenix. This makes metaphorical sense to me: new start, new life. Sluff off the old and regenerate. Back to the beginning to move onward.

Today I’m in La Paz, though I started on the Pacific side of the peninsula, sleeping in an undeveloped development, Agua Blanca, then jumping in the sea.

But now — Sea of Cortez! and islands in the distance. Just ate scallops with garlic from a boat launch restaurant, while watching sailboats and fishermen. Loud love songs blare from the bar; the sun shines brightly, though the breeze is brisk.

I did it: left the ‘ohana and got off the island. Anything is possible.

"Dancing Through Fire" by Shé, 8" x 11" acrylic on paper, 2022
Dancing Through Fire by Shé, 8″ x 11″ acrylic on paper, 2022




2 responses to “Phoenix”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Nice you’re back in NA and it sounds like a wonderful spot–and love the painting!

    1. Shé Avatar

      Thanks so much! Hope you’re well too.

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