essays by shé


Camped by Bahía Concepción under a fullish moon, I rinse my hands in the water and sparks fly. Delight! Skimming handfuls of sand across the surface elicits underwater fireworks. Bioluminescence.

Years ago in Florida, I noticed the same phenomenon. So I stripped and dove into the Atlantic. Every stroke was a miracle, light streaming from fingers, arms, torso. The frothy wake of my flutter kick glowed.

Time and distance became irrelevant. The thought of sharks arose, but fear simply wasn’t possible. I was swimming in god, wonderstruck.

A month or so later, driving west with the night, I realized bioluminescence is everywhere, but we can’t always see it. Like the stars above. And Love.

Bioluminescence by Shé, 11″ x 9″ acrylic on paper, 2022

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