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Home again, home again, tiny house in tow, see how she flies!

It’s been almost three and a half years since I inhabited my T@B travel trailer, and boy, did I miss her! So cheerful, so easy-going, so functional and fun. No more leaky tent. No more cramped back seat, feet hanging out the window. Back to indoor cooking and sleeping and writing. I’m home!

In storage during the pandemic and my sojourn on Kaua’i, she still rolls along. Most lights work, and so does the fridge. And privacy! Pull the shade, baby, it’s meditation time. She also adds gravitas to my driving — gotta take time and proceed like a duchess with an entourage. Folks smile when they see the compound — all silver and yellow. Jaunty, we are, a huge mood improver.

Now reunited with artwork and heirlooms, she even sports a hand-crank washing machine and a vase for fresh flowers. Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

The Shé Compound, reunited, May 2023
The Shé Compound, reunited, May 2023

2 responses to “Jiggity-Jig”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Nice energy in the writing, glad you got the little place back in biz, and love the pic!

  2. Shé Avatar

    Thanks, cousin!

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